To capitalise on the internet, investors can either...

idea to launch a startup

Start an online business.

  • Full ownership
  • High risk, cost and stress levels
  • Steep learning curve for new founders
  • Hard and expensive to recruit talent
  • Unknown path to scale and profitability
  • Fierce competition online
buying a startup

Acquire an online business.

  • Full ownership
  • Proven business
  • Large upfront cost premium
  • Loss of know-how with founder exit
  • Misaligned buyer-seller incentives
  • High risk of buying a "cat in the bag"
co-ownership in a startup

Buy into an online business.

  • Proven business
  • Affordable upfront cost
  • Utilise founder know-how and labour
  • Aligned buyer-seller incentives
  • Potential to invest in multiple projects
  • Limited downside risk

The successful deal Jeff Bezos got on Basecamp.

Essential company insights available for review ahead of contact and buy-in:

Qualitative details

  • Product description and growth opportunities
  • Business model and technology stack
  • Competitors and marketing channels

Quantitative metrics

  • Annual and monthly revenue and profit figures
  • Performance metrics and marketing spend
  • Number of customers and team members

Structure of the deal

  • Amount of equity for sale and asking price
  • Reason for selling and partner preferences
  • Current ownership structure and cap table

Why join BitsForDigits?

  • No middlemen or fleeing founders on the Marketplace
  • Discover privately-held internet companies to buy into
  • Deploy capital to grow your wealth in equity and dividends
  • Become a passive or active stakeholder in an online business
  • Broadcast your investor profile to trusted founders and sit back
  • Make offers, ask questions and negotiate directly with owners
  • Source and close deals without involving expensive middlemen

💸   Zero commission fees, listing fees or middlemen on the marketplace
🧾   Acquire entire or buy bits of internet companies
👷   Become a passive shareholder, active business partner or new owner
📣   Broadcast your business search or fly below the radar
🤝   Make offers, ask questions and negotiate directly with owners
🏦   Close deals without the use of expensive third parties
📈   Discover new business partners and merger candidates