To realise a return, founders can either...

developer building a startup

Run the business forever.

  • Sole proprietorship of earnings
  • Retain any future upside
  • Ownership stays illiquid
  • Difficult to grow the business alone
  • Piecemeal returns year by year
  • Unable to move on to new projects
full acquisition of an online business

Sell all business ownership.

  • Full cash out
  • Get time and resources for new projects
  • Lose all control and say in the business
  • Forfeit and miss out on all future upside
  • Lock in to an earn out structure
  • Forgo invaluable learning opportunities
partial acquisition of an internet company

Sell some business ownership.

  • Partial cash out
  • Stay invested to realise future upside
  • Lower risks of owning a business
  • Reduce the stress of daily operations
  • Focus on areas of strength
  • Onboard partners to help the business

How to sell equity in 3 quick steps:

Sign up to list your business

  • Sign up as a founder to create an account on BitsForDigits
  • Tell us a bit about your business and desired buyer profile
  • We create your private listing and put it on the marketplace

Connect with professionals

  • Professionals reach out to make offers and ask questions
  • Review requests and respond to favourable candidates
  • Contact professionals whose profiles match your business

Close a deal to onboard a partner

  • Sign NDA, negotiate terms and agree on a final price
  • Ask questions and share details for due diligence
  • Shake hands and exchange ownership for capital

Why join BitsForDigits?

🕵️   Anonymously list your internet company for sale
💸   Zero commission fees, listing fees or middlemen
🧾   Get offers from interested buyers directly
🏦   Find new business partners via partial buy-outs or get acquired
📣   Proactively reach buyers looking for listings like yours
🤝   Connect with other company owners to discuss mergers

  • Anonymously list your business to attract buy-in offers
  • Find new business partners most suited to help your situation
  • Get offers from vetted professionals directly to your account
  • No listing fees, middlemen or commission charged
  • Browse professional profiles and reach out proactively
  • Connect with other founders to discuss mergers