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$ 1.2 M
I am building out "the points guy" equivalent of Asia to serve the developed and developing markets surge in middle class white collar workers fresh out of university. They look for guidance on which credit cards to get based on the best points schemes.
Featured metrics
110k monthly visitors, 25min average time on site, 43% organic growth from word of mouth
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Reason for selling
I want to de-risk my ownership by liquidating partial ownership to take some chips off the table while staying invested and in control of the day-to-day etc.
Preferred partner profile
I'm looking to onboard a passive partner experienced in finance and payments who can advise on my credit card comparison site.
Founder's business aspirations
There is a surge in point schemes and young professionals are looking for guidance on ways to save more and travel further for their money. Converting my website traffic into affiliate revenue is the key to building a media company.
Business details
Business model
Advertising banners and affiliate revenue
110K (young professionals and travellers)
Product competitors
The Points Guy, Groupon, WeChat
Operational details
Technology stack
Wordpress, WP CMS
Marketing spend
$150K on direct card issuer partnership efforts and around $550K on paid advertising (Reddit, WeChat, KakaoTalk, Twitter, Facebook)
Performance tracking tools
Google Analytics, Mixpanel
Financial details
Ownership structure
Sole proprietorship
Last month's revenue
$ 235 K
Last month's profit
$ 85 K
Financial records
Online reporting software/tools
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Annual revenue:
$ 1.8 M
Annual profit:
$ 600 K
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$ 1.2 M
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