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Gaia Green Earth Hybrid Telecom is a pioneering company at the forefront of sustainable communication and infrastructure solutions. By synergizing cutting-edge technology with environmental consciousness, they have developed a unique approach to telecommunications. Their hybrid telecom model combines traditional networks with green energy sources like solar and wind, minimizing carbon footprint and promoting eco-friendly connectivity. This innovative blend ensures reliable communication services while contributing to a more sustainable future. Geo Int, a subsidiary of Gaia Green Earth, specializes in geospatial intelligence and Earth observation. Leveraging advanced satellite systems and remote sensing technologies, Geo Int gathers precise, real-time data on Earth's surface and atmosphere. This information serves various sectors including agriculture, urban planning, disaster response, and environmental monitoring. Moreover, Geo Int's expertise extends to reality capture and digital twins - the creation of virtual replicas of physical objects, places, or processes. By harnessing this technology, industries can simulate, analyze, and optimize scenarios in a risk-free digital environment, fostering better decision-making and resource utilization. Together, Gaia Green Earth and its subsidiaries forge a path towards a sustainable, data-driven future. Geometric growth since 2020
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Geometric growth since 2020
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I want to scale business through M&A
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P.E. firm that wants to build/own valuble telecom infrastructure.
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Our business is poised to scale to $860M in revenue in 18 months
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4000 (Our core segment is consumers and SMBs but also IOT devices an building owners)
Info on request.
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$250K (IG and Facebook)
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Google Analytics
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10% angel
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$ 120 K
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$ 80 K
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$ 1.44 M
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$ 700 K
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