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This website sells products across Shopify and Amazon in sustainable household product categories with an eco-conscious ethos.
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Returning customer rate 14.29%
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This business has grown exponentially since last year which is posing logistical issues in sourcing product and servicing customers which is negatively affecting the margin and now require more experienced hands in the areas of supply chain management and customer care in order to scale profitably.
Preferred partner profile
I need a partner who has optimised eComms or DTCs in the past and can advise on negotiating with both suppliers and customers to decrease failed and returned order rates.
Founder's business aspirations
ESG is the new industry standard and sustainability is the winning consumer preference across developed economies as well as developing markets in more and more product categories. Creating a recognised DTC brand in this arena for everyday household products is the ambition.
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Business model
3.5K (mainly females between 18 and 50 years)
Product competitors
Luks Linen, Dock & Bay, Hammamingo
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Technology stack
Wordpress, Shopify, Amazon FBA
Marketing spend
A modest salary for my own sales efforts and $90K on advertising (affiliate marketing, Instagram influencers)
Performance tracking tools
Google Analytics, AdSense / AdMob, Stripe, PayPal, Shopify
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Sole proprietorship
Last month's revenue
$ 32 K
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$ 10.5 K
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Online reporting software/tools, Physically kept books
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$ 355 K
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$ 149 K
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