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A digital platform for booking helicopter and private jet flights on-demand. Our platform and mobile web app allows customers to view quotes for private helicopter & jet flights instantly and book online. Users can access our website, enter any address and are presented with a series of quotes for different aircraft. The system calculates the optimal operator for each type of aircraft based on the user’s departure and return points. Our algorithm accounts for the many complexities and edge cases encountered in quoting for charter flights. We take 15% commission. >$100K TTM gross revenues, $14K TTM net profits, $8K average order value
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$116K TTM gross revenues, $22K TTM net profits, $14K average order value
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The platform is generating revenue in a profitable niche and believe it would be straightforward to grow to $2m+ in revenues in 2023 with a bit of effort in digital marketing, however the core skills of the team are more operational as opposed to sales and marketing. Also the scope of the platform has changed from acting as a broker for helicopter charter to providing other air charter services including private jets which is a much larger market requiring a greater effort in SEO and marketing.
Preferred acquirer
It could be an operational partner who wants to take a hands on approach or they can can a step back and allow the founder to continue to develop the business while providing strategic oversight and help.
Aspirations & growth opportunities
I believe it is possible to get to $2m in revenues in 2023 (around 250 charters) with a bit of effort in digital marketing and it is possible to reach £100M in GMV bookings in 5 years (full financial model available). We believe with a content budget of $10K ~ $20K a year it should be possible to bring in over 40,000 monthly visits through organic content.
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Commission on bookings (typically 15%)
We don't find users to be a very valuable metric as we buy charter flights from aircraft operators and sell to customers. If you mean total customers then it's around 20 but they have generated around $250k in revenues since launch. (We cater for the mobility needs of affluent, time-poor consumers who want to travel by helicopter or private jet. These tend to be either C-suite business person (or organiser) or High Net Worth individuals or groups. )
PrivateFly, FlyVictor, Air Charter Services
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Linux, Apache, Nodejs, Expressjs, Javascript / Typescript (angular ^6), CSS (SASS), Redis, MySQK, PHP 5.6.4 (Laravel)
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$3000 on Google Ads (Google Ads, Organic, Recommendation)
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Google Analytics, AdSense / AdMob
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Founders 76.4, outside investors 23.6
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Annual P&L summary reports, Online reporting software/tools
TTM revenue
$ 116 K
TTM net profit
$ 22 K
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